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Today we will start a series of tutorials of “How to Create WordPress Theme”. In this series of tutorials we will learn how to create WordPress theme from scratch, we will learn:

  1. How to setup the Wordpress Development Environment

  2. How to create the index.php and the style.css
    1. This are the absolutely required files in the every single WordPress theme:
      1. The index.php, represents the homepage of our website;
      2. The style.css, contains all the theme information like:
        1.  theme Name;
        2. theme Version;
        3. theme Author;
        4. and amongst other.

  3. How to create  the header.php
    1. The header file contains the meta information, the link to the stylesheets, the website documentation.

  4. How to create the footer.php
    1. Which contain what we want normally have the WordPress Theme Author, website name.

  5. How to create the sidebar.php
    1. Normally are located in the sides of the site, and can contain widgets, text, and featured content.

  6. How to create the comments.php
    1. We will write this file to enable the user post comments in the posts, in pages, and also to load the comments of every post and page.

  7. How to create the single.php
    1. This file is necessary when the user request to see the single post, for example, to see the full post of a website.

  8. How to create the page.php
    1. Normally is used when the user request to see page, for example, to see the full page of a website.

  9. How to create the archive.php
    1. The archive file is used when user request category, date, tag, taxonomy.

  10. How to create the author.php
    1. This is like an “archive”, this will allow the site visitor request to see the post or page author, and see all the posts or pages of an author.

  11. How to create the search.php and the searchform.php
    1. This to files we think they are a big part of every theme, they allow the user search in the website (search form.php), and display all the post or pages for what the user have searched (search.php).

  12. How to create the 404.php
    1. This file don’t need the any presentation, this file is requested and displayed when a page or post is not found, for example, if user try enter in w7code.com/google, this page does not exist so the 404 page will be displayed.

Our Website will look like this:

how to create wordpress theme

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