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We use the for loop in c programming language when we need repeat an instruction. This for loop is similar to while, but exists some differences:

  • For Loop in C:
    • run the code at least once.
  • While Loop in C:
    • only runs the code if the condition is true.



Explained Syntax:

  • Normally on expression1 we set a the start value of the variable;
  • Then we set the condition, the code will run until the condition is false;
  • In expression2 we set the value to increase the variable that we have previously declare;
  • After we write the initial syntax, we write the instruction/code that we want to execute.




Example Explained

  • line4, we declare the integer variable i ;
  • line6, we set value variable i to 1;will execute the code while variable i is lower than 10; increase the variable value in 1;
  • line7, we print the variable i.



A vector is a set of data of the same type, which stores values in a continuous index. Example:

Examples of Vectors:

  • int vector[20];
    • this is a vector of type integer with 20 positions;
  • char caracter[10];
    • this is a vector of type char with 10 positions;
  • int vector[ ];





The arrays are similar to the vectors, except that in these we have rows and columns to store values.

Examples of arrays:

  • int array[3][4];
    • this is an array with 3 rows and 4 columns;



If user input numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, the output will be:

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